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NEST is a highly accountable organisation where everyone plays a part in providing the best possible opportunities for pupils, families, staff and the community. NEST has a governance structure that enables all to contribute and all to be accountable.


The Members

There are five members.

These are the Guardians of the constitution and monitors of the vision and values of the organisation. The role is to appoint Directors and to insure the moral purpose of the organisation

Our Members:  A Golding, M Jones, S Charman, A Webber, P Chandler

The Trust Board

There are seven Trust board members

They have overall responsibility and ultimate decision-making authority for all the work of the Trust, including the establishment and maintenance of the Academies.

Our Trustees:  A Golding, N Kimber, D Stacey, P Farrow, J Millins, E O'Mahony, D Townsend

Committees of the Board

There are three committees with Trust board members.

Education Standards

Finance, Audit & Risk

HR Pay & Performance

Hub Boards

There are two hub boards.  They work closely with the Trust board and the Executive Team and have oversight of the education standards of a cluster of schools.

Local Committees

Each school has a Local Committee. Dependent on size of school, there are at least three community members, two parents, a staff member and the Headteacher.

 Organisation Structure 

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