Governance Vacancies

The key purpose of Local Committees is to help Nexus Education Schools Trust (NEST) provide the best possible education and opportunities for its pupils.

The Trust and the Local Committee have a strong commitment to putting childen at the heart of all decisions and a moral purpose to provide exellence and opportunity for all.  Local Committees make decisions collectively in collaboration with the NEST Board of Trustees and its committees.

The Local Committee will work with NEST and the school to:

Set the school’s values, vision and strategic aims including;
  • agreeing plans and policies relevant to the school,
  • setting and maintaining the broad framework within which school leaders and the staff run the school,
  • making creative use of resources.
Monitor and evaluate performance including;
  • working in partnership with school leaders to support and challenge them in managing the school,
  • asking school leaders and, where appropriate, school staff questions focused on school improvement,
  • ensuring that the school is accountable to the families it serves, its local community, those who fund and maintain it, as well as to the staff it employs,
  • a commitment to consider what is best for the children.
Abide by the NEST Local Committee Code of Conduct and maintain professional relationships

If you would be interested in becoming a Local Committee member, please contact NEST:

Tel: 020 8289 4767